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New Intensive Courses "Happy Russian"!

Welcome to our Intensive Courses “Happy Russian”! It’s a unique chance to study language in a short period of time.


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Dear Friends,
We have moved!
Pleasant offices and easy parking facilities.
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8 (495) 795 64 44
8 (495) 628 61 22
8 (495) 628 93 94
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Learn English free with us!

The Place for Successful Association!

English language studies at Linguabusiness: effective methods and a guaranteed result

When organizing English courses we make every effort to make spoken Business English as familiar and clear as your native language. While studying Business English and practicing your conversation and written skills, you will get English courses (English language studies) built in a special way. This allows you to completely break down your language barrier and begin to think in a foreign language.

English language courses in our school are oriented to those who value a high level of knowledge and skills gained and who value their time dearly. The main goal of the courses and of Business English is to learn how to communicate.

Our English language courses are taught by experienced teachers who are both Russian and native English speakers. This is an additional guarantee of the highest standards of English language studies. For instance, Business English for advanced-level students is taught by native speakers working in business fields.

Linguabusiness – is the result of 10 years of high-quality work and a high level of studies of English, French, German, Spanish and Russian as a foreign language.

Personal Approach: Business English and other special English courses oriented towards your demands

At the heart of our work in the organization of English courses is the principal of an individual approach English language studies (including Business English). We are oriented towards those challenges which every student faces meaning that at Linguabusiness we have created ideal conditions so that English language studies are of the greatest benefit to you. You yourself can, based on your goals and characteristics, select the right study program that suits you – day or evening classes, general or Business English and intensive English courses.

English Language Studies, Business English, English Language Courses - Linguabusiness

  • We work for you! We work for those who we can help open the doors to the freedom of communication!
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in providing corporate training in English, German, Spanish and Russian as a foreign language!
  • The highest standards of quality
  • An individual approach, top-quality service, detail to every course of study
  • A practical approach – foreign language studies for every-day situations and business
  • Designer methods in English and Russian as a foreign language
  • A creative and innovative approach, formulation of new methods of English, French, German, Spanish and Russian as a foreign language studies
  • A wide array of study programs
  • Highly qualified teachers – native speakers and Russian English teachers
  • A systematic approach to studies and corporate monitoring of the personnel’s studies
  • The aspiration to do our work as good as possible, responsibility and efficiency
  • The expertise and constant advancement of the teachers and staff
  • Teamwork
  • A kind atmosphere

Our Goal

By breaking down the barriers in communicating and mutual understanding we help to bring people and peoples together and we help you to attain success in business and your career 

Our Lessons are about:

Drive, Dynamism, Easy Access to Goal Achieving
nterest, Intensity, Innovation
ctuality, Creative Methods
ogic, Freedom of Learning
Communication, Operational Efficiency
uarantee of Quality

Our Values

    • The highest standards of education
    • Every course is productive
    • Respect for the client and personnel
    • Innovation and creativity
    • Professionalism
    • Serious attitude to the client’s investment in education
    • Realizing the talents of every teacher and staff member  

Our Beliefs

Dynamics in development – moving with the times
deas, solutions, new methods – reaching for perfection
nalysis, precision, efficiency – leave the complete organization of the lessons to us
Logic is everything – concise organization and structure of the lessons
penness and responsibility – constructive interaction with the client
oal – the result: we don’t make empty promises

Linguabusiness offers courses of English, French, German, Spanish and Russian as a foreign language. It provides effective English language training (including Business English), professional teachers, the newest teaching methods, a special atmosphere, openness to communication and enjoyment in learning.

You can work out your level and choose regular classes by using the free on-line test.

If you are still searching for a foreign language school where English language studies would meet your demands, then Linguabusiness is the right place for you!