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New Intensive Courses "Happy Russian"!

Welcome to our Intensive Courses “Happy Russian”! It’s a unique chance to study language in a short period of time.


We have moved!

Dear Friends,
We have moved!
Pleasant offices and easy parking facilities.
See a map showing the new location.

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8 (495) 795 64 44
8 (495) 628 61 22
8 (495) 628 93 94
M.Zlatoustinsky per., 6, Office 62,

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We are pleased to welcome you to Linguabusiness School of Foreign Languages site.

The goal of our work is to teach our students to attain a fluent level of a foreign language and help break down the language barrier. We want you to feel at ease in any country, to be able to meet and associate with interesting people, to read books in their original language and to achieve success in your professional career.

Our courses of English, German, French and Spanish will help you to learn a language easily, quickly and to a high level. Modern methods including unique designer courses, make it interesting and productive to study English or other foreign languages. Courses of English and other foreign languages at Linguabusiness are aimed first and foremost at teaching students to communicate using all existing resources to successfully master a foreign language.

Our courses of English, German, French and Spanish are always provided with the highest standards of quality and our wonderful teachers can turn the study process of English or other foreign languages into an artistic process providing new learning pleasures.

We understand the importance of an individual approach to studying therefore all our programs (English courses for adults, English courses for children, Business English, conversation classes, business courses of English and others) are devised specially for you, taking into account your level and your requirements.

Linguabusiness, our center of corporate training, offers courses of English, German, French, Spanish and Business English courses to corporate clients. We can help business people make their Business English as familiar as their every-day spoken language.

You can continue your English language studies in Great Britain where our partners can offer you a wide range of study programs and accommodation.

Anyone interested in studying English, German, French and Spanish can do our free on-line test.

Are you looking for English courses? Welcome to our English courses at Linguabusiness!

Do you want to study German, French or Spanish? Linguabusiness can help you!