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New Intensive Courses "Happy Russian"!

Welcome to our Intensive Courses “Happy Russian”! It’s a unique chance to study language in a short period of time.


We have moved!

Dear Friends,
We have moved!
Pleasant offices and easy parking facilities.
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8 (495) 795 64 44
8 (495) 628 61 22
8 (495) 628 93 94
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Learn English free with us!

Centre of Corporative Teaching Dialogue

The Key to Communicating Freely! Linguabusiness – Center of Corporate Training Always Constructive Dialog!
We work to help you attain success in business and in life, to speak a foreign language fluently and to break down the language barrier when communicating with native speakers in business.

Many large international and Russian companies trust our school to organize corporate training for their personnel. Our proved and effective system of language training is structured on the basis of corporate goals and programs and takes into account the specific nature of professional requirements.

Why is it more effective to study with us at Linguabusiness School?
10 big advantages
1. First-rate Programs

The whole system of organizing training in our company is structured so as to meet the corporate demands of our clients as well as provide an individual approach to each participant of the course.

2. First-rate Monitoring

It’s easy to collaborate with us! We offer concise organization of monitoring training, a strategic solution of organizational matters and availability to information. Your personal managers/consultants are always ready to offer assistance to solve any working matters.

3. Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

We guarantee the client value for money. Our clients not only spend their money on our courses but they earn it back by making additional profits. We develop training courses and undertake monitoring as if we were personnel of the client’s company. We aim to satisfy our clients’ demands in every facet of the education process. Our priorities are your priorities and that is to provide effective and beneficial courses, to be attentive to the needs of the course participants and to offer our clients the most professional teachers and support staff.

4. Methodology

Our goal is to teach students to communicate in a foreign language – first and foremost, in a business environment. We teach how to speak in a foreign language for every occasion, how to understand what is spoken and written, how to take part in meetings, hold talks, give presentations and write business letters. The teaching of grammar plays a secondary role. During the lessons the teachers use situational-communicative methods and role plays, and set up typical situations that you meet in real life.

5. A Practical Approach

We don’t teach theory or abstract ideas but a language which is needed for every-day life and business so that when our students leave the classroom they are immediately able to put this knowledge to good use.

6. A Systematic Approach

All language skills are mapped out for every level of language competence. Thus, every course is a natural part of a single, multi-level system in the realms of which it is designed. Before the beginning of the lessons an initial interview and test are carried out with all the students and this allows us to work out the starting language level, to define the level the student needs and to recommend what course would best suit the student’s needs.

7. A Terrific Team of Teachers

We have both native speakers and Russian English teachers in our team. What brings them together is the ability to work in a team, their creativity, their profound knowledge of the subject, their high level of professionalism and their interest in making the educational process as interesting and effective as possible. And most importantly of all – they all love their work! All our trainers are native speakers from Great Britain and the United States and hold English teaching diplomas and certificates and have work experience of more than two years. Many of our teachers studied Russian at university at home, speak Russian well and know Russian culture well.

8. The Best Training Materials

At Linguabusiness we use top contemporary textbooks, video and audio materials, computer study programs and materials from the mass media which all meet the demands of the program to the highest degree.

9. Wide Selection of Courses

We offer regular and intensive courses running from one week to a year and these can either be individual classes or in a group with up to 6 people. Classes are held in the client’s office or in our own class rooms. We offer on-site or distance training and designer or traditional courses. You can choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Russian as a foreign language and from general or business-related courses. There are specialist courses for particular professions and all English levels are on offer. Furthermore, think about studying English in Great Britain.

10. Convenient Location

Our school is located in the very center of Moscow and is a one-minute walk from Kitai Gorod metro station.