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New Intensive Courses "Happy Russian"!

Welcome to our Intensive Courses “Happy Russian”! It’s a unique chance to study language in a short period of time.


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We have moved!
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8 (495) 795 64 44
8 (495) 628 61 22
8 (495) 628 93 94
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Monitoring Training

Before the beginning of lessons the students fill out a questionnaire, sit an interview and do an oral and written test which allows us to work out the student’s initial language level, define language demands and the required level and then recommend the best course for the student.

Groups are formed on the basis of the information from the forms and test results (with close levels and similar goals for studying the language). A course program is designed for the group or for individual lessons and teachers provide recommendations as to how the study methods should be.

During the course we often do checks of the lessons. The results of the interim tests allow the student to see how much success he has made and it gives the teacher the opportunity to make changes to the curriculum and improve their future work and the companys’ management – the client and the training coordinator – get to see how much improvement the students have made.

Quarterly reports about the training progress reflect the results of the interim tests and provide exact recommendations to each student. The teachers fill in a student attendance report.

At the end of the course a final test is held and a course report is written up which provides recommendations for any further training. All these documents are given to the training department in HR.

The subject matter of the courses is divided into modules. In order for beginners with a 0 level to attain, for example, a level of 4 – the highest level attainable for a language, participants in the program must do 16 modules of a 0.25 grade. Regular interim reports are given to the client at the end of each module about group training and these contain information about the students’ progress, attendance, materials used and the new skills which the students have acquired.

At the end of the course the participants are given certificates and the company is provided with a final course report with recommendations for further training.

In this way the process of training is thought through in the most concise detail, however our system of education is always open for further development to meet our clients needs.