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8 (495) 795 64 44
8 (495) 628 61 22
8 (495) 628 93 94
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Linguabusiness’s programs are designed on the basis of a needs analysis of our clients after the oral and written tests have been completed. Linguabusiness offers classes of English, French, German, Spanish and Russian as a foreign language at any level.

The programs are structured from the best study manuals with audio and video materials as well as computer programs. Depending on the results of the initial test and your goals for language training you can choose from the following:

  • the course program: standard, special study course or specially designed course from your own materials,
  • the class format (regular or intensive),
  • individual or group classes
  • classes at your office or ours.

Standard English Programs

General English – a long-term, multi-phase English course for every-day use where you will learn to speak with friends and acquaintances, at work and after, at a restaurant or hotel or in a shop, i.e. in all real-life situations you could end up in whether overseas or at home. This course will also help you to read and understand literature, magazines and newspapers in the original language as well as to watch non-dubbed films and understand the words of your favorite songs.
A phonetics course will help you to improve your pronunciation, to feel the words and their conjunction and to master the rules of transcription so that you can read any word using the transcription in the dictionary. You will master the intonation of English sentences and learn the difference between Russian and English intonation and sounds.

An introductory course of Business English will help those who have a low level of English but need to improve it to attain better results at work. You will learn the basics of how to discuss work-related topics, speak about your company, yourself and your work commitments, agree on business meetings, express your opinion using key words that you need to communicate with at work.

Business English – a long-term, multi-phase course starting at a high beginner’s level where the student can describe simple work themes and ending with the student being able to express his opinions in great detail, take part in meetings and discussions in English as an equal, hold negotiations professionally, give presentations, write business correspondence confidently and perform other professional activities in English in an expert and successful manner.


Specialized English Courses

Business Correspondence* – a course aimed at acquiring the rules of writing different types of business letters, reports, messages and other documents in English. You will learn the best way to express you opinions in an expert and polite manner so that the addressee will fully understand your intentions.

Conducting Meetings*
– a course, which upon its completion, will have you not only possessing the necessary amount of words and expressions to take part in meetings and to even hold them, but you will have mastered your professional skills in conducting meetings consistent with business etiquette.

Conversational Practice – a course with the aim of breaking down a student’s language barrier and bringing out his passive knowledge and making it active. Such a course can prove just as beneficial for students with a level of 2.0 as well as for those at a level of 3.5. With the help of a native speaker you can activate your command of the language, increase your vocabulary, stop making a range of mistakes and improve your spontaneity when speaking.

English in Finance* – a professional language course of a broad specter. Customized textbooks for financial experts and materials of professional periodical publications are used during this course. If you prefer, you can bring your own work materials so that the teacher can include them in the study process.

Giving Presentations* – a course which develops a student’s business skills and knowledge in English. You will learn the techniques of how to give effective presentations and the specifics of the language and style of presentations.

BEC Preliminary, Vantage, Higher – a preparation course for the Cambridge exam (Business English Certificate). It will include not only the development of the student’s speaking skills in Business English and in-depth work on grammar and vocabulary but also familiarization of the exam’s format. The Cambridge Certificate is a highly respected document and is an accepted conformation of your knowledge. Depending on the candidate’s level, he can choose from three options: ВЕС Preliminary, ВЕС Vantage или ВЕС Higher.

*For accountability of the specific character of the professional language of your company it would be preferable two weeks before the beginning of a specialized course to give us some of your typical work materials which you consider necessary.

Standard Courses

Lessons are held from one to five times a week. The minimum length of one lesson is 2 academic hours (90 minutes). The timetable is agreed upon between the student and teacher (from 08.00 to 20.00).

Intensive Courses

This is the most effective way of studying a language for the most goal-oriented and hard-working students. Even when the student is taking a break he continues to use English with teacher but in a more relaxed setting. Find out more…