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New Intensive Courses "Happy Russian"!

Welcome to our Intensive Courses “Happy Russian”! It’s a unique chance to study language in a short period of time.


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8 (495) 795 64 44
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8 (495) 628 93 94
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Russian as a Foreign Language

Our main goal is to teach foreign businessmen and visitors to communicate in Russian and to help them better adapt to life in Russia.

Our programs are designed on the basis of individual testing for each student taking into account his level, language requirements, wishes and possibilities to choose the study time. Our courses are taught using textbooks, original reference books and materials and audio and video materials.

The programs are shaped
  • On the basis of the results of the interview or the initial test (oral and written);
  • Taking into account the language requirements of the clients (in professional, business and real-life circles) and his wishes and interests;
  • Taking into account information about the client’s firm and its business;
  • On the basis of the client’s individual method of studying foreign languages.

During the course:
  • Tests are periodically given
  • The program is constantly revised
  • The student’s input is always considered

At the end of the course:
  • A final test is held
  • A course report is written up which indicates the results of the initial and final test for comparison and recommendations for the future are given
  • The student fills in a report card where he can express his opinion on the quality and success of the course


We have designed a system which details how each level of language knowledge is defined. In this way, each course is one part of a single system.

The language level system is broken down into 4 levels.

Level 4.0 is the level of professionalism where a student is fully able to converse freely.

Level 3.0
is the level of collaboration when the student can work productively in a foreign language and experiences only trivial difficulties.

At Level 2.0, known as a level of effective cooperation, a student can cope with most situations of a business and every-day nature but he is unable to speak fluently and correctly.

Level 1.0
, known as a level of elementary cooperation, is where a student can cope in most speaking situations and is able to hold a simple conversation.

Level 0.5
, the level of survival, is where a student can explain himself in the most important every-day situations, can find himself around town, at work, in a shop, restaurant or taxi, and can construct elementary questions and requests. Attaining such a level is particularly important for those who have just arrived in Russia.
Our Materials The best textbooks, published in both Russia and abroad, reference books and methodic materials devised by the teachers of Linguabusiness are all used in the courses for business people studying Russian with the goal of promoting business in a short period of time.

Our teachers have devised their own style and methodology. They have developed a creative approach to their lessons, have a profound knowledge of the subject and imaginative ideas plus a love for their job. These qualities ensure that the subject matter turns out to be easy to understand, the students improve their knowledge systematically and the language barrier is broken down.
A Practical Approach Our goal is to teach our students to communicate in Russian therefore we strive to improve their oral and written skills (depending on what the student needs) and the study of grammar plays a supporting role. The teachers use methods of social interaction and role plays modeling them on common and important social situations. They also teach the students how to interact in an every-day environment like shopping at the mall or market, asking questions on the street and socializing with Russian friends and families.

One of our major principals is to get the student to start using his knowledge in the quickest amount of time.

Our Teachers
Our highly qualified and experienced teachers aim not only to teach our students Russian but also to help them understand Russian culture and traditions and to avoid any misunderstandings due to cultural differences.

All our teachers have great experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language in universities and international companies and in Russian and abroad. Their profession is to teach Russian in business spheres.

Class Format You can choose from lessons on a regular basis (two-three times a week) or in an intensive format.

Regular Courses Lessons are held from one to five times a week. The minimum length of one lesson is 2 academic hours (90 minutes). The timetable is agreed upon between the student and teacher at a time which is convenient for them (from 08.00 to 20.00).

Intensive Courses Intensive classes allow the student to master the necessary material in a concentrated format and in a brief period of time. This format is recommended for any student but especially for those who have just arrived in the country. Ideally, this format would suit a student who has yet to commence work in his company and has the opportunity to immerse himself in the language. Such courses are also suitable for those who need to brush up on their knowledge, broaden their command of Russian and instill confidence in themselves for communicating in Russian.

Super-intensive course (60 academic hours, 09.00-18.00 from Monday to Friday)

Intensive courses allow the student to master the necessary material in concentrated format and in brief period of time. This format is especially recommended for those who have just arrived in the country and is best undertaken before the student commences work in his company as he can fully immerse himself in the language. Such courses are also suitable for those who need to brush up on their knowledge, broaden their command of Russian and instill confidence in themselves for communicating in Russian.

Intensive course (40 academic hours, Monday to Friday)

This type of course is advised for students who would like to quickly and effectively learn the materials they need from Russian and to stimulate their passive knowledge. It is preferable if the student dedicates some of his time in the evening to homework but such a course also suits those who have to make necessary phone calls during lunch and then in the evening drop by the office.

Semi-intensive course (25 academic hours, Monday to Friday)

This is the most convenient form of study for those who want to combine study with work; five hours of classes in the morning or after lunch provide good stimulus for active speaking practice; new language skills can be developed by the student at work when speaking and any questions that appear today will provide new topics of discussion at tomorrow’s lesson.

Seminars for the newly-arrived

In order to help those newly-arrived foreigners quickly adapt in Russia, we have designed special seminars. Getting to know the alphabet and learning essential phrases combined with the most important linguistic points make it easier to get around in the country, to understand the culture and traditions and to avoid any misunderstandings. A broad range of seminars are available offering 14 topics from which the student can choose. For example, What you need to know so as to survive in Moscow, Talking with your driver, A trip around Russia, Shopping in Moscow, etc.

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