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На тестирование отводится 40 минут. Постарайтесь уложиться в заданное время. Не пользуйтесь учебниками и словарями - именно тогда результаты будут более точными.

Part One

Read the following sentences. You have been given four answers only one of which is correct. Choose the answer that you think is correct and then circle the letter only. You do not have to write the correct answer in the gap.


23. You can buy books _____ a bookshop.

1. He always travels ____ plane.

2. The company hasn’t made ____ profit lately.

3. He studied at ____ university, not a college.

4. Meetings always start ____ time in our department.

5. His colleagues like him because he is ____ good manager.

6. I couldn’t understand him, so I asked him to speak ____

7. All ____ in this company are highly trained specialists.

8. It was the ____ presentation this week.

9. Where ____ he from?

10. Don’t buy any champagne for the party – we already have. ____

11. He ____ me not to take the new job.

12. Our company doesn’t have ____ foreign partners.

13. The train will arrive ____ London at 10am.

14. ____ the last five years he has really improved his English.

15. ____ is a growing business in Eastern Europe.

16. He stopped writing the report ____ to a meeting.

17. Our manager ____ us to prepare a presentation for Monday.

18. She speaks three languages very. ____

19. The number of people who pay tax has ____ this year.

20. She can do the administrative work by ____ .

21. The decision depends ____ you.

22. It’s ____ to try and plan for the future.

23. His wife is very ____ – she never buys clothes in expensive boutiques.

24. The President left the meeting without saying ____ .

25. We had to ____ the speaker very carefully.

26. You can ____ money from the bank to buy an apartment.

27. My colleague gave me some ____ advice.

28. Canon, Xerox and Ronan are all ____ of photocopier.

29. Please ____ today’s share prices on the Internet.

30. She quickly got accustomed ____ working in another country.

31. The telephone is usually engaged, so you may have to call ____ .

32. Orange juice is made ____ oranges.

33. The CEO and the HR director of this company are ____ Russian.

34. We decided to go to Egypt ____ we knew it would be very hot.

35. We ____ all resumes very carefully.

36. There was a traffic jam, but they arrived ____ time to catch the train.

37. My neighbours should turn their TV ____ – it’s always too loud.

38. I like driving, but my car is old, and is always ____ .

39. He studied Physics, but now ____ his own business.

40. My colleague doesn’t have a laptop. I don’t have one ____ .

Part Two

For this part of the test fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb.
There may be more than one possible answer in some questions but please give only one answer.


1 She often to work. (WALK)

Answer: She often WALKS to work.

For some answers, you will have to use Auxiliary or Modal Verbs

2 You wear your seatbelt. (MUST)

Answer: You MUST wear your seatbelt.

1. He to the cinema tomorrow. (go)

2. By this time next month I English for six years.(learn)

3. She to her colleague when the phone rang.(talk)

4. It’s time we or we’ll be late.(leave)

5. “What are you doing this evening?” “I don’t know – maybe and see my friend”. (go)

6. If she doesn’t finish the report before 5pm, she late at the office. (stay)

7. He his presentation skills since the last time we met.(improve)

8. The company at the moment.(expand)

9. You must her today.(telephone)

10. “When did you your new car?” “Last week”. (buy)

11. If I were you, I the news every day.(watch)

12. The staff every day to discuss important problems.(meet)

13. He couldn’t get used in a foreign country.(live)

14. He used , but he’s stopped now.(smoke)

15. We left the office early in case there traffic jams.(be)

16. His eyes hurt because he the computer all day.(use)

17. I think the market stronger in three months time.(be)

18. I wish I work early on a Friday.(finish)

19. In his spare time, he likes television.(watch)

20. Would you mind the window? It’s very hot in here.(open)

21. He wouldn’t have got the job if he the necessary experience.(have)

22. If we run our office more efficiently, we better customer service.(provide)

23. If only they during meetings.(talk)

24. She redundant after the economic crisis.(make)

25. "Should I ring you before I leave?” “You , but it would help me”(have to)

26. The plane was late. It at 9am, but didn’t arrive until 11am.(land)

27. He a shower every morning and every evening.(take)

28. If he harder when he was at school, he would be able to speak English fluently.(study)

29. It was 7pm when he called her, and she already home.(go)

30. The children were dirty because they football.(play)

31. Smoking your health.(damage)

32. The government has promised standards of education.(raise)

33. I don’t know where she is – she got lost somewhere.(have)

34. We’ll miss the film if she soon.(come)

35. The Managing Director last year.(retire)

36. When doing business, you observe international standards.(have to)

37. You ought harder if you want promotion.(work)

38. By next year, he for the company for a long time.(work)

39. What your sister ? She’s a data analyst.(do)

40. The company started the new product last month.(market)

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