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New Intensive Courses "Happy Russian"!

Welcome to our Intensive Courses “Happy Russian”! It’s a unique chance to study language in a short period of time.


We have moved!

Dear Friends,
We have moved!
Pleasant offices and easy parking facilities.
See a map showing the new location.

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8 (495) 795 64 44
8 (495) 628 61 22
8 (495) 628 93 94
M.Zlatoustinsky per., 6, Office 62,

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We recommend English language studies in Great Britain to those students who have attained a certain level – as a rule, 1.25. We offer wide range of individual and group intensive study programs depending on what the student is looking for and what he can afford.

Our main partner in Great Britain in Regent School with teaching centers in London, Oxford, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh, among other cities. You can choose the intensive course which is right for you with as well as the timetable, accommodation and price. The only things that remain unchanged are the high effectiveness of the course, the professionalism of the training and the joy which you will get from the study process and from the feeling of personal success.

England is waiting for you! Contact us and we will help you get acquainted with this great country!